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  2007.08.15  02.36

can you end a sentence with and?


  2007.04.12  08.28
everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

our world has lost another unwavering band of light

Kurt Vonnegut, Writer of Classics of the American Counterculture, Dies at 84

so it goes.

Mood: drained

  2007.02.26  18.02
thinking all winter

so, how's the weather at good ol' LU?


Monday-Wednesday, February 19-21
high in the 40s, low in the 20s
{in case you're wondering, that's beautiful and warm. it was so sunny and delicious}

Wednesday-Saturday, February 21-24
Me: Has anyone else noticed that the entire campus smells like a landfill?
Dan: It's the paper mill.
Me: Did someone SHIT on the paper?!?

...yeah, it smelled pretty bad. supposedly because the snow was melting. BUT...Collapse )

well, I'm late for work, but it's a real entry! w00t!

Mood: accomplished

  2007.02.06  13.15
she says she talks to angels

hey all.

long time no see.

Mood: she don't know no lover

  2006.06.02  21.28
fiction is where genius lies.

so we're all doing it. countdowns to graduation, prom, life.

is anyone scared?

Edit: I'm not scared, I was just curious about everyone else.

Mood: not to be involved

  2006.04.20  23.17

...did someone lose a bra at my house?

black, strapless, a little push up
36 B
with a cute little flower clasp in the front :)

Mood: WTF?

  2006.04.16  20.54
je retournerai

tomorrow I shall be home again {home again, jiggity jig?}
yeah, okay. anyway, Lindsay had a very good idea; she requested on her journal that people think of things to do tomorrow night when we return.
so, obviously, I would like some of you to maybe do that as well. please :)

I apologize a thousand times for my terrible English; if we hang out, it will improve I hope!
{or you can make fun of me. either way, it will be good}

Mood: jài mangé beaucoup aujourd`hui

  2006.03.22  23.09
the minor fall, the major lift

everyone has trauma now, of various sorts. I want to let everyone know that I'm here.

can't seem to form words today {can't remember to forget you}, but please tell me what you need. anything.


  2006.02.24  15.34
love love love

what a beautiful party. you guys truly rock. thank you so much for making this vacation much less mind-numbing {has anyone else notice how it's sort of dragged?} see most of you on Monday, have fun on Close Up Klala, Kaatje, and Stoner.


{bonus points if you get the reference}

Mood: bouncy

  2006.02.06  00.00
la noyée

baby won't you breathe

Mood: maybe somewhere else

  2005.09.24  19.06
but if the ecstasy's in, the wit is definitely out

bonjour, hola, buon giorno, olà, and howdy!
guess who's back? {for the moment, at least}

thought I'd share some fun things of today :)

- Kea MIGHT be coming to graduation
- Aggrobot is going to record some things I think
- driving on Tuesday maybe?

rejetefrancaise: bocce
rejetefrancaise: it means "kiss" in Italian, but it's actually a game like croquet sorta
InvisibleMind09: oh ok
InvisibleMind09: kiss is spanish is beso
rejetefrancaise: in French, it is bise
rejetefrancaise: or bisou sometimes
InvisibleMind09: haha
InvisibleMind09: I love that
InvisibleMind09: it changes

Adam's friend Ash was in Georgetown and was followed by a sketchy dude:
Ash: Uh...can I help you?
Turkish Guy: I think you can...
Ash: Uh...what are you looking for?
Turkish Guy: I'm looking for love! *Proceeds to wrap an arm around Ash's shoulders*
Ash: Well, I certainly can't help you with that! But maybe if you look down there *points down Thomas Jefferson Ave* you'll find it!
Turkish Guy: Why are you lying to me?!?
Ash: Why are you touching me?!?!

rejetefrancaise: i was at your work today
rejetefrancaise: with Bob
BooCowOfDeath: ?
rejetefrancaise: driving instructor Bob
rejetefrancaise: who my mom says is gay xD
BooCowOfDeath: ohhhhhhhh
rejetefrancaise: mhm
BooCowOfDeath: how was it?
rejetefrancaise: i didn't get anything to eat
rejetefrancaise: he was all pissed off xD
rejetefrancaise: he's like EVERYONE IN THERE IS DRUNK
BooCowOfDeath: !!!!!!!!!
BooCowOfDeath: why not
BooCowOfDeath: they're not drunk
BooCowOfDeath: they're high

rejetefrancaise: in Prov. last time i was like "hey, that place is called Main Street in French.." and he goes "the owner is a lesbian."
BooCowOfDeath: hahahaha

rejetefrancaise: and at one point
rejetefrancaise: he definitely said something about him checking out guys and me checking out girls...
BooCowOfDeath: ...
rejetefrancaise: yeah.
BooCowOfDeath: je ne sais pas, lol
rejetefrancaise: xD
BooCowOfDeath: my mom thought he was gay too
rejetefrancaise: hahaha
rejetefrancaise: they MUST be right
rejetefrancaise: cause i have no gaydar

BooCowOfDeath: i have good memories of gaydar
BooCowOfDeath: erm
BooCowOfDeath: that came out wrong

Sinjin Fai: caroline
rejetefrancaise: hiya
Sinjin Fai: how do you solve a problem like maria

rejetefrancaise: have i told you lately that i love you?
Sinjin Fai: dude i just watched that movie
Sinjin Fai: and im like
Sinjin Fai: what the fuck you keep asking these questions BBUT NOT ANSWERING THEM
Sinjin Fai: I WANT TO KNOW
rejetefrancaise: OH MY GOD I KNOW
rejetefrancaise: that's because
rejetefrancaise: they can't solve her
Sinjin Fai: stupid fucking musicals with their rhetorical questions
rejetefrancaise: because she is not an algebra problem
rejetefrancaise: nor is she a calculus or physics problem
rejetefrancaise: SHE IS A NUN PROBLEM
Sinjin Fai: YES SHE IS
rejetefrancaise: and we all know that singing nuns cannot be solved.
Sinjin Fai: f(x) = MARIA
rejetefrancaise: xD
rejetefrancaise: f(Maria and Mr. Von Trapp) = BABIES
Sinjin Fai: loool von trapp
Sinjin Fai: you mean von VAGINA

Sinjin Fai: brb food
rejetefrancaise: okay
Sinjin Fai: and i swear it sounds like babies are having sex outside
Sinjin Fai: god i love new bedford

and I love my friends. :)

Mood: the mood icons are dumb

  2005.05.15  13.59
you can call it anything you want

this one's pretty weird. half-accurate, maybe?

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is 100%. You are not suited for a monogamous relationship.

You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.

In this moment, you think of love as something you don't need. You just feel like flirting around and playing right now.

it makes me laugh, kinda.

anyway, most people who read this either went to prom or heard about it from other people's journals, BUT maybe I'll post some pictures later. I don't have any of the actual dance, though, so I doubt anyone is interested.

and then last night was nice, as well. props to Colby, Ruth, Cheryl, Ed, Kaela, Adam, and especially Dan for letting us all be idiots at his house.

*soda can of lighter fluid*
Kaela: Throw the whole thing on the fire!!
Caroline: Kaela...we will DIE.

"No! that's a BOMB!"

Ed: I'm sleeping on the hammock tonight. and I'm gonna wrap my tent around me.
Caroline: How will you BREATHE?

*insert way too many male-male intercourse jokes here*

"I'm gonna steal your giiiiiirlfriend"

Ed: Adam, are you sleeping...here tonight?

*launching off the board thingy* ahhhhhh

*Kaela sits on Adam's lap*
*Colby sits on Caroline's lap*

*Kaela goes to get more*

Caroline: bah, your sexiness is making me late.
Adam: okay, you MUST be drunk.

good times, good times. sorry I had to leave so soon, but there's always next time.

how is everyone?

Mood: calm

  2005.05.01  15.19

Happy May Day!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

:) it's May, which rules ever so much. flowers flowers flowers. although we didn't get as many April showers as I'd hoped, so hopefully there are more to come. but not for the next week, please. I like the sun for AP exam/SAT week.

also! Adam and I are having a contest, because he is evil. for origins, see
The Shot Heard Round the Livejournal World

but actually, all you really need to know is that I am awesomer than him, and you have to pick which top hat man looks more like a top hat man. go.


)__) : D

{PS Don't look at mine after you click the comments link, because it screws with the markup. you have to see it before that, otherwise it looks really weird}

may the best slut win!

Mood: mostofthesefaceslookthesame

  2005.04.20  01.05
surprise, surprise

hellooooooooo Portsmouth
I am back from zee fabulous Bahamas {which you can hear all about, c/o the lovely Miss Kaela Santillo :P yes, I'm THAT lazy}

and definitely looking forward to vacation. which shall include:
- a project with Klalalala
- hanging out? if people decide to

so I will be wicked available and wicked up to chilling :P

and it's wicked late, and I sound WICKED RETAHTID

it's good to be back in RI :)

Mood: dizzy

  2005.03.19  14.17
well, if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say

okay, so I realize that my last entry was full of things no one wanted to hear. that doesn't bother me. it was just a little bit of venting and a little bit of overthinking turned into an entry with a little bit more clarity than usual. there was a semi-attempt at my usual ambiguity, but it evidently failed miserably. essentially, it was all a mistake, I suppose. you shan't hear me reference it again.


  2005.03.18  01.00
don't let it burn don't let it fade

happy anniversary: your life continues, the powerful play goes on

so keep taking advantage of it! it's good for you.


  2005.03.16  12.28

someone give me novocaine.


  2005.03.01  07.35
to have luck on our side

one-hour freaking delay?

good. now I can do my history outline.

Mood: amused

  2005.02.22  14.44
I get by with a little help from my friends ;)

delayed post, BUT

why do I love my friends?

oh, gee, I dunno...

PS to Brenna {since she was not there when the almighty list was created}

Me: And they had sex.
Brenna: Why?

Mood: still grinning

  2005.01.25  16.00
we can live beside the ocean

today's moral: some people don't suck a lot :)

so the other day, I was watching my .5 brother, Alex-not-Alexander Stephen, and I realized something.
maybe I'm supposed to like him.
after all, he doesn't just look like a baby. oh, no. watch THIS.

revelation #1Collapse )

revelation #2Collapse )

interesting, indeed. mmmmhm. then again, there's always...

revelation #3Collapse )

okay, this is getting a little weird for me.

but wait, it gets weirder!

revelation #4 {the best one of all}Collapse )

Mood: she's a sight to see and

  2005.01.22  15.25
brighten my northern sky.

so I woke up at one this afternoon.

actually, my dad woke me up. 12:57. score one for Caroline.
{score more for Alex cause he kept me up} but I still win cause I feel so good

so now I'm doing that cool I'm-not-gonna-do-anything-today thing
I want you
tell me something nostalgic. tell me the story of all your past glories, as it were.

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 61%
Kissing Skill Level - 89%
Cudding Skill Level - 27%
Sex Skill Level - 22%
Why They Love You You are wet and wild.
Why They Hate You You won't take your socks off.
This cool quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 1413966 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?


Katie, could yesterday have been any more twinKatieandCarolineawesome-like? I don't think so. go figure that we could have mirror image coolness on the same day. I love my friends.

the reason I am cool is that I can speak French in order to confuse people

it's barely twenty degrees outside, snow is falling at an angle of depression of seventy degrees
which means tonight I'll be

"'The winter loves me,' he retorted, and then, disliking the whimsical sound of that, added, 'I mean as much as you can say a season can love. What I mean is, I love winter, and when you really love something, then it loves you back, in whatever way it has to love.'"

Mood: I can't get over the way

  2005.01.06  17.38
I look at you and I think it's a dream

so I forgot to say yesterday
that it was a really nice day

just a good day. I love those.

now there's a screaming baby two rooms away and I'm jumping for joy.

but yesterday was still nice, and TOMORROW should be, too.

litmag + fuzziness + donuts + visits + musiiiiique + a 4.5 on a talking thingy thing thing for French

plus other things equals good day and now I must leave CIAO


  2004.12.31  15.36
"wait...you guys FIGHTED?"

well, I think that everyone's allowed to make mistakes.

don't you?

Mood: excited

  2004.12.19  17.44
hhhheeeeeeeeeyyyy baaaaaaaaaaaabbbyyyy. ooh, baby

it ain't hot weather that makes me

stick to you.


  2004.12.12  09.58
do you dream about music or quantum mechanics?

tiny cows

hot pink socks

painting houses

french kisses

and runaway cats

silver lockets

boxes you can't open {or can you?}

and sex?

the truth is, Katie and I are all too weird.

Mood: oh yes. oh yes.

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